We Save Subsea Pipeline Operators Untold Man-Hours and Dollars by Using Our Proprietary PipelineSentry™

Technology To Create a Digital Twin of Their Pipelines.

(NODE - Networked Online Digital Environment)
PipelineSentry™ Digitises and Links All Pipeline Design, Manufacturing, Operations, and Survey Data Sets, So Operators Can Automate Engineering Assessments and Make Rapid Data-Driven Maintenance Decisions.
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How Does The PipelineSentry™ Digital Twin Work?

Digitises and Aggregates

PipelineSentry™ digitises and aggregates all your pipeline design, manufacturing, operations and survey data sets, and stores it efficiently in our cloud based network.

Links Data Sets
and Displays Visually

PipelineSentry™ carries out engineering equations and utilises Machine Learning to Automate FEA (Finite Element Analysis), displaying the output in a visual form for easy understanding. Visual data access is available to our clients 24/7 through our secure online PipelineSentry™ client interface portal.

Rapid Updates

When any new survey or operations data is available and uploaded to PipelineSentry™, our product re-runs analysis and updates the visual output, providing management reports within the day. This way, you can see results immediately to make rapid assessments and decisions without having to wait for reports from other companies.

Data Driven Integrity Planning / Predictive Analytics

With the data linked and the engineering analysis automated, we can unlock the power of predictive analytics and data driven integrity planning so you can reduce inspection campaign scope, and focus on critical areas.

How PipelineSentry™ Saves Pipeline Operators Time and Money

24/7 Immediate Data Visualisation

Efficient Digital Data Aggregation and Access
Pipeline design data is a complex data set, taking data from many inputs. Datasets come from different companies and are in many different formats. Data in a document is not at its full potential.
PipelineSentry™ is a cloud-based platform that links and digitises all of these data sets. All of your pipeline's data from design, manufacturing through to operations, is digitised, aggregated, linked, and stored in the cloud for efficient access. The end result is, it gives you immediate data visualisation in a user-friendly fashion saving time sorting through data or waiting for reports.

Rapid Engineering Assessments

Save Time and Costs Waiting For Reports
Currently, pipeline engineering assessments are manual and time-consuming; this is because the data is not readily accessible and not easily mineable. Therefore, the process is slow and unnecessarily costly. When operational conditions change, or a survey is completed and data uploaded, an analysis is run, and the results are available the same day via our PipelineSentry™ client interface. This enables you to perform rapid engineering assessments and easy data-driven integrity planning, so you can reduce inspection campaign scope and focus on critical areas, saving time and money.

Reduced Offshore Inspection Work

Save Costs on Vessel Deployment or inspection campaigns.
Due to the rapid availability of your networked data, we can use machine learning to perform predictive analytics and allow for data-driven integrity planning, which enables you to reduce offshore inspection work, saving time and money of vessel deployment. Standard vessel day rates are approximately $70,000 per day. Just one day saved is a significant cost saving.

Reduced Offshore Intervention Workload

Reduced Conservatism of Engineering Assessments Saves Intervention Costs
With full utilisation of available data, our analysis more accurately reflects reality. This reduces conservatism of engineering assessments and therefore the amount of intervention required on your assets, saving more time and money on vessel deployment. As mentioned above, standard vessel day rates are approximately $70,000 per day. One day saved is a significant cost saving.

Flexible and Scalable Operating System

Operate As a Standalone Package or Integrate
Our PipelineSentry™ software is scalable, flexible, and able to integrate into existing integrity management solutions, or operate as a standalone package for subsea pipeline operators.

Easy and FREE Pipeline Life Extension Validation

No Need To Pay an External Company For an Extension Validation Report.
Save approximately $150,000 when you need to do any pipeline life extension validation, as we have the data you need already available and understandable to make this assessment in-house. With our rapid analysis and ability to take historical data, we can analyse the feasibility of reusing pipelines at the end of their life cost-effectively and quickly. This keeps your assets running longer and safer, saving money.

Simple Monthly
Management and Yearly
Inspection Reporting

Reports Are Made Available on Demand
Monthly management reporting is available from the PipelineSentry™ system every month in line with the operators reporting cycle, as well as yearly planning reports for inspection requirements. Alternatively, reports can be generated on demand through the PipelineSentry™ client interface portal

Why Use PipelineSentry™ For Your Subsea Pipeline

PipelineSentry™ is genuinely a "lifecycle" product that is capable of tracking and utilising data from the pipe mill to the end of a pipeline's life. It's a unique product with functionality that currently no other company offers to the market. Its uniqueness is due to its ability to link and analyse ALL the different datasets available from the design, construction, and operation of a subsea pipeline, and then creating a full "Digital Twin" of that pipeline, saving untold man-hours, vessel hours, and dollars for pipeline operators.

What About Our Competitors?

We have none. Traditionally, digital twins utilise sensors to perform analysis. PipelineSentry™ uses all available datasets and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to negate the need for thousands of sensors along a pipeline.
Survey companies store and digitise data but have not linked the data with engineering equations. Engineering companies perform assessments using data but don’t store the data efficiently. PipelineSentry™ bridges this gap. This allows PipelineSentry™ to make rapid digital assessments of the pipeline for fast decision making and higher cost savings.
James Wardrop - Creator and owner of PipelineSentry™

How Can You Get Started With a PipelineSentry™ Trial?

A Simple Two-Step Process
Book in a free consultation call with us. On the call, you will speak with James Wardrop, the creator of PipelineSentry™. He will talk you through what they would need to set your pipeline up in PipelineSentry™ and advise on time frames to set up the trial.
The PipelineSentry™ team will upload your data and create the digital environment for your assets. Alternatively, your own personnel can input the required data.

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