PipelineSentry™ was born out of the simple idea of doing things better. PipelineSentry™ can integrate with your existing systems and use your available data to perform engineering calculations and assessments on your subsea pipelines. Alternatively we can store the data on our secure servers.

Our Team Members

James Wardrop - Owner and Engineer
Father, Husband and founder of the Company. With over 14 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry spanning across Operators, EPCs and Offshore Construction Companies.  

James saw an opportunity to manage pipeline data better and demonstrate the “why” in why should we do this.  
Throughout his career he listened to the issues affecting the end user and the same things kept coming up. By understanding the multiple stakeholders needs and requirements in pipeline design construction and operation the idea for pipeline sentry was formed.

In 2020 with the support of the OGTC techX program and an amazing team 14 years of wondering and tinkering has crystalised into a reality.
Debbie John - CCO

Debbie is a cost and commercial manager with over 15years experience in contracts negotiations with both clients and vendors across many countries within the Oil and Gas industry.
She is fervent about realising value for the business and stakeholders by working effectively with established project management processes and principles.
Matt Harley - CTO
Matt Harley is a Full Stack Software Engineer with experience in Web Development, RESTful APIs and Single Page Apps.
He is especially interested in software for the live events industry, being a professional musician, founder of the event guide app Hipflask and Lead Developer at Megatix Australia - a full service ticketing platform for event professionals.

Matt runs the Python WA Meetup group in Perth, Western Australia and is also the proud daddy of three dogs (pugs).
Dylan Black - Lead Developer

Designer by heart - coder by profession.

I enjoy bringing ideas to life through immersive experiences. Long, long ago I was inspired by the software industry and set on a quest to become a digital content creator.

This led me to graduate University with a First Class degree and my recruitment into the Pipeline Sentry team.
Throughout the years, I have worked on a vast range of projects and gained beneficial skills across all areas of development.

It's a thrilling experience to work on the frontend of Pipeline Sentry™ as the world moves further into digitalisation.
Silvia Sze - Pipeline Engineer
Subsea Pipeline Engineer with 10 years' experience in the energy sector.
Carried out engineering design for projects in Australia and the UK Tracked and managed cost, time resources, progress, workload forecasting and weekly reports across multiple scopes to ensure on time and on budget delivery.
Anthony Killeen - Sales & Marketing Manager

Anthony has a passion for connecting businesses with their ideal clients using innovative marketing and sales strategies.

He has developed campaigns across multiple industries such as health and fitness, realestate, mortgage broking, community services and more.
"I'm excited to join the PipelineSentry™ team as I know the cutting edge technology PipelineSentry™ offers to the market can significantly impact the industry by helping operators be more efficient, save money, and increase the safety of their pipelines across the globe."

Our Journey So Far

PipelineSentry™ is entering its 3rd iteration with the help of the OGTCs TechX program.
The product has evolved from a pc based calculation tool, to  cloud based data storage and calculation tool to a fully immersive 5D digital twin for your subsea assets.
Our diverse and agile team has achieved so much with so little and are looking forward to helping your organisation accelerate your digital transformation.

Frustrated Engineer

An engineer performing pipeline assessments is frustrated at the amount of time required to find data and the number of times copy and paste is used between excel spread sheets.

By utilising excel Vlookup he decreases the time to perform engineering assessments by 80 percent.  

He tries to pitch it to the company he is working for but no funding is allocated. The idea is born.


Automation Begins

The engineer starts creating excel spread sheets to automate engineering calculations and structure data in a way that is retrievable by simple coding.


PC Based Version Created

The Engineer hires a  python specialist to take the excel sheets he has created and digitize the code. A PC based version of the product is created.


Funding For Online Platform

The engineer is awarded a grant through NERAS innovation voucher program.

The funds are used to engage with a developer to create a fully scalable online platform for digitizing pipeline data and automating engineering assessments on subsea pipelines.


EngTech Awarded Top 8 Company Spot In OGTC's Accelerator Program

The company is awarded a place in the OGTCs TECHx accelerator program. Out of over 130 companies only 8 are chosen.

The product is now evolving into a customisable 5D digital twin for subsea pipelines linking data and Finite Element Analysis software to digitize data automate engineering, all in a fully immersive 3D environment.

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